The Shmooz is about quality food, drink, connections, and community. 

Eat healthy food, drink great coffee and tea, play games, write a screenplay, bring your kids, meet your friends, or surf the net... 

At The Shmooz, you will find: 

  • Simple, delicious food with quality ingredients - soups, salads, croissant and panini sandwiches, muesli parfait, & baked goods.
  • Our Queen Lizzie is the best muffin in the city (and it's gluten-free!)
  • Croissants fresh out of our oven around 10am and 4pm
  • Specialty lattes made from homemade syrups, plus great coffee served by our well-trained baristas. 
  • Ethically traded, organic loose leaf teas - our "sniffing station" will help you decide which of our 17 teas you're in the mood for!
  • Unlimited wi-fi with lots of outlets.
  • Gifts for the home: coffee, tea, take away food, and retails items like Joco Cups and S'Well bottles at discounted prices. 

The Space


We've had so many comments on how beautiful, warm and welcoming The Shmooz is. That's music to our ears - it was our intention to create a space where you feel nourished on every level. Beautiful design contributes.

We also get asked a lot about the mural. We wanted it to be central to the space - and envisioned it being playful, fun, colourful and a reflection of the neighbourhood. 

The photo above gives you a hint of it but you'll have to come visit to see the full effect. It is a fun conversation piece for kids and adults alike. 

The Shmooz logo has taken on a character of his own. His name is Sheldon. 

mural straight on.jpg


(416) 466-5600
(note: we do not pick up voice messages)


590 Pape Avenue
(4 blocks south of Danforth) 

summer Hours